Buddha  Academy  was  established  to  provide  a comprehensive  education  in  which  children  we hope  become  a global  citizen of  the future with an elevated sense of social Justice and personal commitments to contribute to the development of Nepalese society. Our goal is to develop students who learn not only what is taught at school but acquire skills and motivation to continue learning all their lives.

Buddha academy is at appropriate location and having an educational environment which  is  away  from  the  pollution  noise  of  the market and the vehicles.

The  large  and  triangular  shaped  building  with a  compound  and  playground  is  well  equipped to meet the facilities as it is expected on of the modern and well developed educational institute. Besides a well managed hostel for the Boarders and Day Scholars maintained by well experienced and caring personnel is another evidence of the schools    commitments    towards    provision    of education for all.

School Profile

About  50  kilometers  far  from  the  capital  city Kathmandu   in   Kavre   district   provience   No.   3 Bhakundebesi, the school serves the educational needs of the remote area of the district. Students are selected from a wide range of socio-economic, cultural  and  ethnic  background.  Currently  the community  consists  of  five  private  schools  as well as other community school in this area.

Buddha Academy is the community based Private school of Nepal. It is a fully English medium School established in March 2004. The School was headed by reknowned social worker Mr. Kumar Dahal who did excellent job of establishing and concentrating towards shaping the school in to a center of excellence. The school is manage under the school management committee. Society of Ex- students  and  Buddha  Alumni  association  ate  the  organizations that keenly take interest in the welfare of the school.

Currently there are around 399 students of which 45% are girls. About One-Fourth of the total students are on the schoolarship sponsered  by  the  school.  The  schoolarship  is  provided  to  the meritorious and the needy once from the weak social economic, and Geographical background. The entry of the students takes place in pre school (ECD) and these students go on to take the secondaryeducation examination (SEE) atthe end of grade ten. The school has been demonstrating that it is able to achieve excellent result in the SEE examinations, The school has, therefore, been awarded the prestigious letter of appreciation for 100% success in see exam by district education office several times.

Few Words From Founder/ Principal

Learning is life long process. It is what makes us healthy every way. It is what that helps in living our dreams we have set in our mind that one day I'm gonna be " something ". Let us think education as the means of developing our greatest ability, as in each of us there is unlimited hope and dreams which if fulfilled, can be ultimately benefit for everyone and greater strength of our world. Buddha Academy has a relatively long and confidently proud journey of over one and half decades. Having welcomed and nurtured sixteen batches of students at Buddha, we look forward to bringing even better results with the new batch with the constant and amazing support of our parents as well as Team Members.
We, at Buddha help students to shape their dreams of what they aspire to achieve and facilitate them to evolve their personality and become confident. Imparting value-based education is what we aim at. Years of experience and expertise has made Buddha Academy stand higher with achievement of each student with our interactive teaching and learning method.

Buddha heartily welcomes the students in a delightful journey of learning and academic growth.
Kumar Dahal

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