Name of school:- Buddha Academy
Address:- Khanalthok-7 Bhakundebesi,
Kavre Nepal
Founder:- Mr. Kumar Dahal
Managing Director:- Mr. Yantra Prasad Khanal

Phone no. 011404088


As we get more experienced year by year, we make sure that we continue to thrive for a High Quality Education at all the level of courses that we offer. Buddha Academy has been well known and successful foundation which with the enthusiasm of our whole team execute task for overall development of children. I am very proud to say that we have very strong resource-based approaches and balanced co-curricular activities and also developing more in near days that profoundly will help our students to grow Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. So far we have already passed out several batches and we have a remark of Outstanding Results in S.L.C examinations of what we are proud to speak about.

I got engaged here in Buddha Academy as Executive Director five years back and with my past and ongoing experiences in the sector of education, I am happy to say that our school is where " Your Dreams Be Secured." I would like to thank all our parents for trusting us and would like to invite you in our warm family.

Thank you
With Regards,
Uttam Baniya
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Kumar Dahal ( Founder and CEO )
Uttam Baniya ( Director )
Saugat Singh ( Counselor )

Few Words From Chairperson

Learning is life long process. It is what makes us healthy every way. It is what that helps in living our dreams we have set in our mind that one day I'm gonna be " something ". Let us think education as the means of developing our greatest ability, as in each of us there is unlimited hope and dreams which if fulfilled, can be ultimately benefit for everyone and greater strength of our world. Buddha Academy has a relatively long and confidently proud journey of over one and half decades. Having welcomed and nurtured sixteen batches of students at Buddha, we look forward to bringing even better results with the new batch with the constant and amazing support of our parents as well as Team Members.
We, at Buddha help students to shape their dreams of what they aspire to achieve and facilitate them to evolve their personality and become confident. Imparting value-based education is what we aim at. Years of experience and expertise has made Buddha Academy stand higher with achievement of each student with our interactive teaching and learning method.

Buddha heartily welcomes the students in a delightful journey of learning and academic growth.
Kumar Dahal

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